Some Days

Some days are not-so-good days.  Everyone has them.  Even the little ones have them.

You wake up, and somewhere along the way, you feel like this:

Like hiding.  Like a blurry photo.

And there may be a reason or two for that, but you don't think they're very good reasons, which only serves to make you feel worse.

And so I didn't get around to finishing my planned post for today.  It will wait until next week.  The books aren't due back to the library just yet, although I must pick up some holds today.

We have certainly have plenty checked out!

The bag is mostly Christmas books.  I'm sort of excited for Christmas right now, but I can't really act on it yet.  The adult contemporary station is already playing Christmas music.  We looked at Olivia and Muppet ornaments and wooden matryoshka at Target today.  I let myself have a $2 owl ornament, but that was all.  I hope to make it to World Market and some of the antique stores in town this weekend.

I bought tickets for Ballet Wichita's production of The Nutcracker.  We have several friends and teachers in it this year.  We're planning what other holiday festivities to attend.  December 8 is the Lucia Festival in Lindsborg (Little Sweden USA).  I used to work every Saturday, doing storytime at the bookstore.  It was difficult to ask off during December, too, so this will be the first year we get to go!

For now, the Christmas books remain in the library bag.  A book was read to the girls last night.  Daddies are pretty awesome, you know.

He was reading this.  Apparently it led to a lot of questions.  Even Jenny Cat has a confused look on her face.  I'll have to read it myself.

I'm reading the second book in William Joyce's Guardians of Childhood chapter book series.  I think the picture books are gorgeous, and while it took me a while to get into it, I enjoyed the first chapter book.  I thought I'd plow through the books, then maybe take the girls to see the movie when it comes out.

I always plan to see more movies than I ever make it out to see, though.

I wish everyone (myself included) a merry weekend.  May we delight in our books, our families, warm beverages of choice, fall weather, and perhaps even ourselves.


  1. Doh! I didn't realize the new Guardians film was based on a book!

    I totally relate to Those Days. You managed to make it look all arty though!!

    Love love love the expression on Lil Sis' face, priceless.....

    1. Yeah, that book was more of a Big Sis kind of read. ;o) The Guardians books are both picture books (gorgeous) and chapter books (strange and interesting). I love William Joyce's illustrations, and he was behind the Best Animated Short Film winner at the Oscars last year (The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore). I'm hoping the movie is okay.

      And thanks. It was one of those days. Today was better (and busier). :o)

  2. yes yes- those days. I had one of those days yesterday. BUT I managed to read my way through it (reading a novel to myself that is). AND this week brings on christmas decorating but I'm not sure I'm up for it yet... such a huge job. I'm kinda tired thinking about it.

    1. Yeah. I want some new stuff. I shouldn't, but I do. And we have to go get the tree. The good news is Thanksgiving will probably be small this year. Too many family members are working.

  3. Some children's books really do explore some obscure concepts! And yes, I know what those kinds of days feel like...days that sometimes feel like a losing battle. :-)

    1. The hubby loves science stuff, so I figured he would enjoy reading it to them. The little one didn't care for it. The big one was confused, but asked lots of questions. :o)


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