Closet Full Of Cozy

Apartment Therapy-ready?  I wish.  Yeah, we're not really there.

Our playroom floors are in desperate need of refinishing, but they will have to wait until after the new year, when the husband can take off work.  (Really.)  After the floors are refinished, we may have a go at the numerous paint, ink, and crayon stains on the walls and built-ins.  But until then, the girls have a space they can live in.

And they have a closet book nook, an idea I tried back when we first moved in, thanks to a neat feature in my late, lamented Wondertime magazine.  Apartment Therapy Family has the article archived here.  It was about a little girl who loved the library so much that her grandmother turned a closet into a library/reading nook.  My original plan didn't work so well - we gave up on the reading nook, and used the closet for storage - but after much rearranging, one of the two playroom closets is back to being the book nook I'd always intended it to be!

I wish I could show off the cute library cards I printed off and hung on the wall without showing off all the little fingerprints of paint!  I suppose you could say the messiness is what makes it us.


  1. I want a closet library nook! I haven't a single closet to spare though. not a single one. I love it, smudges and all!

    1. It's the joy of having LOTS of drawer space, due to the built-ins. The house was built in 1950, and the original owner liked to build stuff. One of the 3 bedrooms, with the built-in, is too small for a bed(!), so we made it the playroom, while the girls share the connected bedroom. There are built-ins taking up whole walls in both rooms, plus a large closet with more drawer space in the bedroom. These two little closets in the playroom were just being used for toy storage, but we finally did some rearranging on the toy front! The rooms are small and CRAMMED.

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    1. It's become so popular. Apartment Therapy just did a round-up of closet book nooks recently. But it was that Wondertime post that I fell in love with, back before Little Sis was born and we were in the process of buying our house. You can see why the idea fell by the wayside, though: Big Sis had just turned 2, Little Sis was a newborn. Babies come with SO. MUCH. STUFF.

  3. omg I love it!! I used to want to sleep in my closet when I was little. I love nooks. Tiny spaces. This is so cool! I need to wander around my house and figure out where I can make such a creation....


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