A Little Christmas Crazy

Advent doesn't begin until this weekend, but I love my Christmas decorations!  I love my Christmas books and music and movies!  Thanksgiving is over, and we're going 'til Epiphany around here!

As you can see, our Christmas-themed library books alone cannot be contained by our giant tote.

Our home is very modest.  It's a small single story house, built in 1950.  We have a lot planned for it next year, including refinishing the girls' rooms floors, ripping up the horrid carpet in our knotty pine-paneled den, and painting the kitchen.  It's a work in progress.  Always.  But for now, I hope the tinsel and the lights pull the focus away from stained floors and other imperfections.

Here is our house as of now.  The real tree is in the living room, the small turquoise and pink trees are in the playroom, and the book tree is in the den.  The book tree, an idea that had floated around in memes and on Pinterest for a couple years now, was specifically inspired by this beautiful smaller version.  I like hers better, but ours is probably more "us."  I think my theme song this year is "Christmas Time All Over the World."   I fell in love with the cool matryoshka and kokeshi decor at World Market this year.  I love the whole Alpine Workshop collection.  Target has wooden matryoshkas for decor, as well as inexpensive tall nutcrackers.  (My littlest is Nutcracker Crazy!)  We get to go to Lindsborg for Lucia Festival on the 8th.  I want to bring the whole world into my house, I guess!


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    1. I was so excited to try it! I have pinned so many pictures of the big floor versions. The idea of making a tabletop version never even occurred to me. I saw the one at The Decorologist on Facebook, and knew I had to do it this year! Hers is very beautiful, with the vintage books and cake stand, but ours fits with our '50s den.

  2. Lady, YOU ROCK MY WORLD! Love all the mini trees!! I am ALL ABOUT mini trees! Love that Alpine Workshop stuff too, I got some darling wrap!

    Love it all, this makes my achy sniffly self feel so much better!

    1. Love to know fellow Christmas crazies!!! I can't wait to see what all you have in store this month. xxxxxoooo Feel better soon!


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