Weekend Reading

The Non-Picture Book Library Stash
Currently, Three Tales of My Father's Dragon is still being read at bedtime (although we scored the first book in paperback at that used book warehouse sale).  I've also started Among Others.

Books We're Reading That We Own
On the Banks of Plum Creek is still being read alternately with Three Tales of My Father's Dragon.  The other two books I have had to put on hold, in order to read the library stash!

Books That Just Moved Into My House That I'm Dying to Start!!!
Two sequels to delicious "young readers" titles that my girls are too young for, but which I ravenously devoured.
And this doesn't count, of course, the two bags of picture books we have checked out, or the many other books we bought at the used book warehouse sale.  (By the way, we hit the sale on the last day, too.  Three bucks a bag, and they had new stuff to choose from!)

Does anyone else have an unwieldy pile of books to read?  Why do I feel the need to place so many holds at the library, when I have so much at home?  And poor Little Sis is so anxious for us to finish our two bedtime books, so we can start The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

Oh, books...  I love you so.


  1. right there with you baby! I've got so many books in the queue to read, both for myself and Julia, just gotta keep going, slow and steady....:)

    1. I'm hoping a chilly weekend might provide us a little time! :o)

  2. I am always juggling too many books at the same time, for both myself and the kids. And there's so many books I want to re-read too... I always say that when I am retirement age I will get to all those books I always meant to read but never did, and also to re-reading all the old faves, at the same time as reading new ones that have come out... I'll have to be reading all day to accomplish all that!

    1. I have things I want to re-read, too, but I would feel guilty if I were to start, thinking about all the things I haven't read yet. Oh, dear, it's a dilemma... ;o)

  3. Oh, Danzel how I love YOU so and your wonderful posts! I can't wait to make pumpkin soup for my girls and curl up with some of these great books you have mentioned.


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