Vampirina Ballerina

The Halloween decorations are still in the shed.

We were supposed to break them out Monday, but we spent all day cleaning house instead.  Yesterday we babysat my year-old niece.  Today is Little Sis's weekly play date with her best friend, and it's our turn to host.  I thought the hubby and I might get them up before we pick them up from preschool, but then I saw the state of the girls' bedroom and playroom.  

So it goes.

Both daughters have had their dance classes this week:  Big Sis has two classes Monday after school and Little Sis has a preschool dance/theatre combo class on Tuesday afternoon.  When we arrived this week, the entire building was decorated for Halloween!

This is all I could capture via Instagram in one quick picture.  There are things hanging from the ceiling, stuff on the walls.  It's fabulous!

The first of our Halloween books from the library to be read this year is Vampirina Ballerina by Anne Marie Pace and illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, LeUyen Pham.  (Disney Hyperion, 2012)  Why shouldn't a little vampire girl be a ballerina, too?  

I think this is another book we may need to own ourselves.  It's a simple story, about a little girl who wants to be a ballerina.  The usual things are discussed:  taking class, practicing (LOTS of practicing), making recital costumes, not turning into a bat.  Oh, maybe that last one isn't so usual.  That's what makes this book so much fun, of course!  To see a few more pictures, head over to LeUyen Pham's (seldom updated) blog for the sneak peek she posted last year.  

My girls won't have their next recital until spring.  Their costumes have always been pretty and girly.  I doubt they will get a chance to look as glamorously dark as Vampirina any time soon.

Last year's recital costumes!

(And no, I will never, ever be used to seeing stage makeup on little girls.  Eek.)


  1. AAAGH so much coolness here! Love that your kiddo's school got that decorated!! And they look like sweet little candy confections in their tulle and tutu dresses!

    1. Thanks. They're so funny at recital time! They're so nervous before the recital, then they get their costumes on and hear the applause, and they are so happy!

  2. You instagram? we should follow one another :) my handle is robynanna... if you're interested. We did get out a few decorations yesterday. But I know what you mean about the business of life. I keep wondering if things will ever slow down! You've got adorable little dancers there!

    1. Thank you! As for Instagram, I'm auntbeast00. We still have to get our decorations out. It's driving me nuts, but I'm making sure kiddos are occupied. We have no other plans for the evening, so I think after the oldest is home from school, the decorations are going up! ;o)


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