Pumpkin Patch Field Trip #1

Ah, the annual preschool excursion to the pumpkin patch.  My fourth, and now my last, since Little Sis will join Big Sis at her elementary school next year.

We have a tradition on the morning of our pumpkin patch trip.  I step outside, declare the temperature fine for a sweater or light jacket, head to the preschool, head out to the pumpkin patch -

only to find the wind has picked up, the clouds have moved in, and it's suddenly much colder. We even had sprinkles.

I love pumpkin patches. 

We made a good haul.

 This pumpkin patch has a great playground, a zipline, a petting zoo, and a giant slide.  Little Sis did not care.  She did not want to play.  She did not want her picture taken, either.

She did want hot chocolate, however.  And I wanted kettle corn and a hot chocolate in coffee.

We passed this vehicle in the parking lot.  Someone has a great sense of humor.

Next week, I get to go to a different pumpkin patch with Big Sis's class.  Hooray for multiple pumpkin patches!


  1. I loved all your instagrams of this little trip! And yes... little sis's expressions are a hoot!

    1. Thanks, Robyn! :o) She's super-shy in front of people, but she's crazy at home. And she says the funniest things. She has no qualms about whistling in front of people. You can see her whistling in so many of the pics...


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