Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Monday: The Tale of The Dark Crystal

The geek in me flipped at that bookstore warehouse sale last week when I found this.  I have mentioned before that I am a Muppet geek, and I LOVE The Dark Crystal.  Back in 1982, the largest mall in our town had both an indoor and outdoor cinema, and I clearly remember seeing this movie in the outdoor multiplex with my parents and little sister.  I was in kindergarten.  My parents were worried I would be scared by it, but no, I was entranced.  

For years, my dad would sometimes do Chamberlain impressions around the house, for no reason.

I am pretty sure I had this book.  It seems so familiar.   

As excited as I was to find this book, I would dearly love to own The World of The Dark Crystal, featuring the art of Brian Froud.  The public library has it, and it is beautiful.  Brian Froud did all the concept art for the movie, and it was there that he met his wife, Wendy, who built puppets.  He did the concept art for Labyrinth, too, and their little son Toby played the baby in that movie.  
Both daughters claim The Dark Crystal is too "creepy."  Sigh.  What have I done wrong?  When Big Sis was two years old, she could sing every word to "Magic Dance" from Labyrinth (another favorite, if you couldn't tell).  As I type this post, they are both watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.  They are fascinated by Coraline.  But The Dark Crystal is too creepy.  Sigh.  
By the way, I want this for Christmas.  No one will get it for me, though.  I'm resigned to this.


  1. Oh my goodness! I saw Coraline and it was soooo creepy! Freaked me out!

    1. The girls thinks it's "creepy" (their overused word of choice), but they like it. I read the book to Big Sis, too, but she doesn't remember me reading it.

  2. Ok your girls have been well primed and must be long lost creepy movie and book loving little pretend nieces of mine!

    Julia would be WAY freaked by Coraline and she's been after me to watch Nightmare Before Christmas for 2 yrs b/c she had a major obsession with the music but last yr I knew she wouldnt be ready for it -- I think she might be ready this yr!

    She refuses to see Paranorman and Frankenweenie (she had to hide from cutout picture displays) but thinks she wants to see Hotel Transylvania.

    Dark Crystal and Labyrinth would both be way too much for her, so I must wait and bide my time. I want to have a big movie party at yo house!!!

    1. I might take the girls to see Frankenweenie. I'm familiar with the original short, and the girls have seen several other Tim Burton movies (besides Alice and Charlie). My little one loves Edward Scissorhands (I shoo her out for a couple of adult moments she wouldn't understand anyway). They have a keen sense of the macabre. Paranorman and Hotel Transylvania seem like the kind of thing I might take them to the cheap, second-run theater to see.

      They LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas. We found it on Vudu on the Roku last night, and used our free credit to rent it. We don't own it. They've borrowed my sister's copy before.


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