Obsessive Halloween Nostalgia Disorder: A Disney Halloween/Disney Halloween Treat

I wasn't planning on giving all my Monday Nostalgia Disorder posts over to Disney.

I think next week's post will be different.

But I loved these!  The Disney Halloween specials were second only to the Disney Christmas specials when my sister and I were growing up.  Some aired on network television, some were Disney Channel exclusives. According to Wikipedia, Disney's Halloween Treat, with it's talking Jack-O-Lantern narrator, came first.   A Disney Halloween, released the following year, consisted of re-edited material from the first special, along with portions of Disney's Greatest Villains, hosted by a Magic Mirror played by Hans Conried.

I think we had one of these taped off of television, and the other we would rent from the video store.  It's all jumbled up in my mind.  But I remember them - and their theme song - so well!

Currently, this version is the only one available in its entirety on YouTube.  Luckily, it's also embeddable.

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  1. I love retro Disney. Reminds me of watching The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights with the family.

    1. Yes! We would watch those every week, and then on our local PBS affiliate, we would watch the old shows hosted by Walt Disney after school! :o)


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