My Morning Girl

I wake up scary in the morning.

I hate mornings.

This is me in the morning:

(Well, it's my coffee cup, but you get the idea.)

My oldest overslept a bit.  When I went in to wake her up again, I realized she was still wearing her glasses! Despite going to bed a bit late last night, she decided she needed to read.  And what did she decide to read?

Me:  I think that book is a little too advanced for you.
Big Sis:  Yeah, it has too many words.  That's why we need to read it together!

She says she made it to page 11.  (That's four pages.)

Happy morning girl.

Happy morning girl in her Happy Halloween finest.  My grandmother took her to Target for her birthday.  Instead of picking out toys, she loaded up on Halloween t-shirts and skeleton tights.

She threw on her warm fall coat, grabbed her backpack and lunchbox, and raced out the door with her daddy.  He says everyone went crazy over her tights.

My crazy morning girl.

Note: This is the kind of post I cobble together very, very quickly when I realize the one I scheduled to publish this morning wasn't finished, and wouldn't be finished today.  I knew what Miss Smiley Face was going to be wearing today and waited to catch a few pictures before she headed out the door.  The fact I woke her up with her glasses still on, book beside her, was a nice bonus!


  1. OMG I LOVE IT!!! fab fab priceless outfit!!! she is darling!

    1. Thanks! She had fun laying her clothes out last night. We knew today (in the 50s and windy) was going to be cold compared to yesterday (85 degrees), so we made sure she had some layers with her.

  2. i love her outfit and i love seeing all those books behind her!

    1. Thanks, Leanne! That's in our living room. After nearly 5 years of owning this house, we finally got ONE room decorated the way we wanted it!

    2. The weather has been really back-and-forth here too!

  3. Those tights are amazing!!! I love her outfit!

  4. Love Love Love those tights! Little girls have such fun dressing possibilities!


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