Imagination Movers Rock-O-Matic Tour

If you ever get the chance to see
Imagination Movers, live in concert,

Take your kids.  Take someone else's kids.  Go, have fun.

If you don't watch TV, if you're tired of reruns, if the show holds no appeal...

remember:  these guys are real musicians.  
It's all about the MUSIC.

The Movers go out into the audience.  They interact with the kids.
They make moms and dads get on their feet with the kids.
They may surprise you with a Blink-182 song for an encore.

An official Imagination Movers LED glowstick!  

My quiet one.  

Kyle and Rich drum war!

This child thought she might have outgrown them.
They were her 4th birthday party theme.
She LOVED this concert.

Very happy Movers fan!

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  1. That encore was so cool! I'll have to think about taking Keira to their concert sometime!

    1. I know they're headed to Canada soon. Hope you can see them! xxxooo


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