Have a Rockin' Weekend!

We'll break out the books and stuff this weekend - in fact, stay tuned tomorrow for a bonus post - but for now, I'm focusing on what we're doing tonight!

We're heading here...

The beautiful Orpheum Theatre downtown.
to see...

Big Sis was in LOVE with Imagination Movers a few years ago.  We even had her 4th birthday party at a park with a loose "Imagination Movers" theme.  Look at the awesome birthday packs they sell!  (Scroll down toward the bottom of the page.)  She still has her signed poster.  We haven't had cable since March of last year, but they still love the songs, the one DVD of the show, and the indie DVDs the band has put out.

Their first real concert.  Kids' musicians never seem to come to our area.  This is huge for us.  Yay!

Merry Weekend!  Rock On!


  1. Jump up! Get down! Stand up! Turn around, turn around, turn around... :)

    1. And we did! Well, Big Sis and I did, while Little Sis sat curled up in her seat. She is shy and refused to participate. ;o)

  2. Oh my gosh FUN!! what a cool theater!! have a great time!!!

    1. It was a great time! The Movers made their way through all the aisles at some point - Rich even went up to the balcony. I wish they would have come through here a couple years ago, when the oldest was still completely Movers-crazy.

      Something cool - Rich told us that although he grew up on the east coast, and like the rest of the band, lives in New Orleans now, his mother was born in our town. She got married at a historic old hotel downtown, and used to go to the Orpheum to watch movies and daydream about being a star. ;o)


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