Happy International Ivy + Bean Day!

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We had no idea if anyone near us would be celebrating, so to make sure we didn't miss out, I requested an event kit from Chronicle Books for a home party.  After all, we LOVE Ivy & Bean!

 (The books, paper dolls, and button factory are our own.)

I love Chronicle Books.

By the way, the new book is fantastic.  Ivy + Bean Make the Rules follows our duo to a park, where they make their own camp.  Bean's sister Nancy is attending a girl-power day camp.  Bean is too young, so she and Ivy make a tent at the park, attracting lots of attention from other day campers.  Camp activities include Houdini-style escape lessons, searching for Komodo dragons, and pretending to be warrior queen Boudicca.  

As always, LOTS AND LOTS of fun ensues!

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