Happy Halloween!

Really?  It's here?  I'll tell you what, this week has been a weird one.  I've tried to keep the Halloween spirit up, but poor Little Sis became sick with a chest cold last week - she was feeling under the weather at her preschool Autumn Fest, pictured here - and tonight will be only the second time the girls have worn their costumes!  (I'm the kind of mom who tends to drag them to a half-dozen community events...)  They are Fall Fairies this year.  They found a Fall Fairy costume in a catalog, which inspired us to make our own version.

Since we've had to stay in a lot the past few days, here are a few things we've enjoyed:

  • this book (from our own collection)
  • continuing to rip out carpet/clean up playroom (oh wait - this is the opposite of enjoyable)
  • this internet radio station
  • sending invitations for Little Sis's birthday party (Sunday!)
  • drinking homemade hot chocolate (made with chopped semi-sweet chocolate and chopped white chocolate, and a pinch of cinnamon, sea salt, and chili powder)
  • watching this movie as a YouTube playlist
  • singing this song, which I learned in elementary school

And pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin!

I pureed a pie pumpkin and made pumpkin bread!  It is so divine.  

And the seeds!  Love, love, love me some pumpkin seeds!

One more image.  A neighbor man passed away this summer, and left behind his very frightened, mostly-outdoor kitty cat.  We have been feeding the cat, trying to make friends with him so perhaps we can take him to the vet and find a home for him.  His name is Ying.  He has decided he loves my husband.  

Well, a stray mama cat had kittens in our backyard, under the shed, a couple months ago.  She figured out there was food on our porch, so now we have four little kittens hanging out with Ying on our porch!  It's crazy.  So here is Ying and his mini version.  

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Oh I love it all! Those costumes look totally amazing, they are darling darling! Love your 'new' kitty. And you pureed a real pumpkin, I am so impressed!! Your hot chocolate sounds lovely :)

    1. Thank you! Little Sis is fighting me about the costume today. She wouldn't go to sleep last night, so she's tired and grouchy today. The pumpkin is so easy to do. I tried it last year by boiling, which is a pain. This year, I just followed the Pioneer Woman's roasting directions. Super easy, and you can freeze the puree in baggies to use later! I'm excited, since we have so many little pie pumpkins from pumpkin patch trips.

  2. It's been such fun watching all your pix go up on insta- so the question is... will you be keeping any of these kitties? They sure are cute! That pumpkin bread looks fantastic! I want a slice this instant! ;)

    1. I'd love a kitty, but the four babies are still skittish. They're feral, and won't let us touch them, although they keep getting closer. Ying is different. He was someone's pet, and just before his beloved owner died, someone had shot him in the eye! In fact, he was in hiding somewhere when his owner passed. He's recovered so nicely and he's such a nice guy. My girl kitties are old and indoor-only. I'm not sure I can let another cat in the house right now. We're not sure yet what to do.

    2. I've been there! It's so hard when a litter of feral kitties ends up 'in your care' the last batch we had I ended up trapping (in live traps) and taking them to a local vet who only charges $15 to spay & neuter ferals. (there was no doubt these ones were feral) There were 4 of them- well and mama cat too. So it ended up costing $75... but most have stayed around and been good mousers (though still skittish) I feed them and they have kept away other cats who might otherwise latch on to nice people who are willing to feed strays. Good Luck!!!

    3. There is a local organization that helps trap and spay/neuter feral cats. We're thinking we may call them. Mama Kitty has officially taken off now. We haven't seen her in a while. And thanks!

  3. Happy Halloween from Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes ����


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