Five Days in Instagrams






What You See:  A major home improvement project (bye-bye nasty carpet in the girls' room); school fundraiser at Baskin-Robbins; a Daisy Scout Halloween outing; a "finished" bedroom floor (for now - it needs refinishing someday); my favorite Halloween socks with my saddle shoes; Fall Fairy costumes, as I was making them; our old Siamese Katie, showing her age by sleeping through all the ribbon and tulle; a "new" thrift store dresser for the girls' room; Cadbury Halloween Eggs; my baby girl's art and one pair of well-worn ruby slippers; my baby girl home sick for the evening, putting away her My Little Pony friends.

What You Don't See:  A thought-out post for the day.  This bedroom thing and my sick kiddo are messing with my blogging!  (tee hee hee)  


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    1. I agree! They had other things you could put on your pumpkin, too, and most of the girls went crazy, but mine kept it simple. I think we may do our other mini pumpkins that way! And they just used little glue dots, too!

  2. Love these!! You have Instagram? Do you have an Iphone or some other kind of smartphone? I crave Instagram with all of my being. :)

    1. I upgraded to an LG Enlighten smart phone after my purse (and dumb phone - not smart phone, tee hee) were stolen during Big Sis's birthday party. It doesn't take as sharp pictures as some (iPhone, for instance), but I do have a lot of fun with it.

    2. By the way, I responded to that Design Mom article myself this morning. It seems WordPress doesn't like me to comment. I get no error message, but they never post. The same thing happened on your One Perfect Day guest post. :oP

    3. That's funny, I feel like Disqus hates me when i try to post on sites that use that system! Hopefully I wasn't too offensive, I always forget people don't understand my humor unless they read my blog for awhile. I hate that NY Times article though, so ridiculous and needlessly inflammatory. And I don't like it when people perpetuate the 'death of picture books' thing. Ugh. My alternative title to that post would be 'People Who Don't Read Picture Books Are Stupid' -- wowza I'm in a mood today, eh? ;)

    4. No, I agree. My comment was something like this: I have read "big kid books" to my girls since the oldest was not-yet-three, and she reads chapter books now, but NOTHING will replace our steady diet of picture book. The vocabulary in picture books is often much richer, because they are meant to be read aloud. And the art! I believe some of the greatest art is found in picture books. Reading picture books is BONDING TIME. Why can't there be room for all of it?????

    5. Sounds like an interesting article, what is it?

    6. The post on Design Mom is here:

      The original New York Times article that's reference is here:

      This article is from two years ago. I gnashed my terrible teeth and rolled my terrible eyes at it then, and I still do.

      I remember parents telling me their child had outgrown a popular character's picture books. "I'll buy them the beginning readers, though." I knew for a fact that the picture books had a better range of vocabulary, and that the children still enjoyed them. Why couldn't they have both? UGH.


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