Children's Play Mate Magazine, October 1951

Because after I lucked into this issue, I had to have more!

front cover

"For Your Hallowe'en Party," table of contents

"A Tale of Peter Pig: for big and little boys and girls" by Esther Cooper

"The Hallowe'en Kittens: A story for the smallest Play Mates" by Lucile Rosencrans

"The Halloween Kittens," continued.  "Hallowe'en Rhymes to Recite"

"For Your Hallowe'en Table" 

"Hallowe'en Song" by Mary Kellner

"Goodies for Hallowe'en"

Puzzle Answers, Last month's contest winners, this month's contest

My earlier copy of Children's Play Mate was from 1941.  Notice how, ten years later, First Prize is still a puppy!  "A fine pedigreed puppy - a Cocker, a Boston Terrier, or a Scottie."

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