Autumn Chill

This is what a cold October day in Kansas farm country looks like.  I actually hit "saturate" when editing this shot, because it seemed so devoid of color.  If you have ever read the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz, you will know the L. Frank Baum describes Kansas as being gray.  Gray this, gray that.  It is an unfair description.  He only visited Kansas once, during a severe drought, and both he and his wife were on a miserable leg of a company tour of a play Baum had written.  I will say, though, that this picture was undoubtedly gray in its original state.

We went to the Kansas Barn Sale in Hesston, KS.  It was a chilly Saturday morning, and as we wandered around, looking at the wonderful wares, the temperature dropped some more.  The wind blew.  Soon, a soft drizzle began, sometimes increasing to a heavy sprinkle.

We lasted an hour.  There was whining.



Unfortunately, we were on a very tight budget.  While there were some beautiful handmade items for sale, we could only stop to admire them.  I did, however, scan the vintage booths a bit more closely.  The hubby and I are planning a kitchen/dining area redo, and any vintage inspiration comes in handy.

"Sure, Mom, I'll show off your first purchase."

Stony silence.

Look at this wonderful guy!

In the end, we made one purchase that excited the cold little complainers.  A washboard.  They really, really wanted one, and this one was $5.  

These are our four little purchases.  The washboard disappeared from the table shortly after this.  Little Sis had clothes to wash, and Big Sis had to go play in her jug band.  

I had some burlap left over from some old projects, and some raffia, twine, and even some oversize cinnamon sticks, so I made my own attempt at some burlap pumpkins.  (They're stuffed with the Sunday paper!)  This is our fall table for now.  I know I should iron stuff, but I became very, very LAZY after this.

By the way, the sun has been out all week.  We may see some storms this Saturday, but the high will be in the mid-80s.

Here's the thing about Kansas:  if you don't like the weather, just wait.  It will change in a few minutes.


  1. I've never been to the middle of our country... I mean not really. I've been to the bottom (TX) I've been to both coasts up and down... I did spend some time in TN and my grandparents were from OH. Ok, so I just looked at the map... gee, Kansas really is right smack dab in the middle! You have no mountains right? Lots of farm land? I like your finds! When I was a kid we always had a washboard that hung up in the bathroom as decor. I wonder where that is now? I loved playing with it too!

    1. Kansas is a LOT of farm land. It is mostly flat, which makes for great skygazing. A good many of the trees in our area were brought in by settlers. There is some hill country, though. The Flint Hills are beautiful, and there are other hilly areas, such as the Gypsum Hills and the northeast area, up near Kansas City. Northwest, there are the Monument Rocks, which I've never seen in person, but the photographs I've seen are awesome.

  2. Mid 80's ! wow! those temps will not return to us until next July. maybe.

    Love the pouty face! And that red coat!!! And the washboard! Julia would lovedy love that!!


    1. The red coat was an awesome handmedown from some friends with a very cool 10-year-old. Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed it was missing a button when we raced out the door, into the cold. Oops.

      I didn't care for the drizzle, but I liked the cold! The 80s doesn't seem right...


  3. I've never been to a barn sale! Love that your girls want to play in a jug band. :)

    1. This is only the second time I've attended a barn sale. There is another sale in another not-too-distant farm town that goes on in September, but that one keeps coinciding with a friend's birthday party. Kids come first!

      Emmett Otter! :o)


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