Weekend Reading

The book haul from the birthday party:
The new Ivy + Bean!  Ivy + Bean Make The Rules (Book 9) by Annie Barrows, illustrated by Sophie Blackall.  Chronicle Books, 2012.

And the Ivy + Bean hardcover boxed set, books 1-8!  Somebody's grandpa loves her very much.
More chapter books!  Mermaid Tales: Trouble at Trident Academy (Book One) by Debbie Dadey, illustrated by Tatevik Avakyan.  Aladdin, 2012.  The first four Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park.  Random House, 2001.  Junie B. First Grader (Book 26), 2007.

Our current library stash:
Yeah, don't worry.  I'm not even going to try listing every title, let alone author, illustrator, and publisher.

No shortage of new reading material.  Nope.

As for me, I'm reading this:
The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by Trenton Lee Stewart.  Little, Brown, 2012.  I read The Mysterious Benedict Society books when I was still a bookseller.  What can I say?  I feel the need to keep reading.

And I started this:
The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones.  Harper, 2012.

And yes, there are a few titles from prior "Weekend Reading" posts that remain unfinished.  

So there's a lot to choose from!  And the second weekend of Julius Caesar kicks off tomorrow, and we have birthday parties to attend both Saturday and Sunday!  Whew!

What are you reading?


  1. you got 'The Uninvited'!!! I was freaking out over that one last spring when I saw it mentioned in 'Whole Living' mag. Not sure if we had discovered each other on Pinterest then. Did your library have it or did you just get it??

    WHAT A GREAT HAUL!!! So, so awesome. And thank you for reminding me that I want to read 'Benedict Society'!!!

    1. It was a birthday gift from my sis, and yes, I first heard about it from you. ;o)

      I started reading The Mysterious Benedict Society after it was recommended to me by a then-9-year-old girl. ;o) It was her favorite series. She's a real smarty-pants, so I can understand the appeal of the books to her. (Genius kids.) Meanwhile, her dad went and checked out a slew of books I recommended in return. ;o)

    2. oh lucky you, so you own it! I'm really wanting to read it for Halloweeny time!

      You know, there's a whole slew of kid lit books that are modern classics that I have yet to read, b/c they came out when I was in my 20's...like Benedict Society, Lemony Snicket, Tumtum & Nutmeg and just a whole bunch of 'em! So I'm excited that I'll get to read them as J grows up!

    3. I'm with you on that! I'm hoping to get the Lemony Snicket books at some point. I grabbed a few later books - cheaply - from the Barnes & Noble bargain assortments years ago, back when they had the assortment sales, but gave them to my sister, as she started to collect the whole series. I'd like to read those and the Spiderwick Chronicles. I did read the Percy Jackson series - at least, the original 5. Loved those!

    4. read spiderwick asap! and how about Fablehaven? The Beyonders? The Bartimaes trilogy? All AWESOME! Now I want to pick up the ones you've mentioned above! I tried to borrow the night circus- I'm on hold for that one. I did pick up The next flavia book, have you read those ones? They're fun mysteries.

    5. No to all the books you mentioned. I have so much reading to catch up on!!!

  2. Looks like you have the same problem I do - too many books on hand! I take out way too many books for the kids from the library and I also buy too many and we can't keep up with reading them all! Not to mention the books that Keira takes out from the school library! Aaahh!

    1. I always have enough to fill my gigantic bag, but this time, I can actually fill a second! We're working through them. I often re-check them, too. If no one else puts in a request for them, I can have them out for up to 12 weeks. And yeah, we own a lot, too. We need to finish our Little Free Library, so we can start sharing with the neighborhood!


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