RIP Andy Williams

It isn't Christmas, but I'm posting this anyway.

1) In memory of Andy Williams, who just passed away. 

2)  I'm a Christmas geek.  My girls are Christmas geeks.  This one is a favorite.  More so than this one.

3)  This blog is about kids' stuff.  

But this isn't really a kids' song?

Well, no, although my kids love it.  "Happy Holiday" is an Irving Berlin tune.  But "The Holiday Season" was written by Andy Williams' mentor.  That would be singer, vocal coach, arranger, composer, and film actor Kay Thompson.

And ooooooooo, I just love Kay Thompson!  Because she gave us Eloise!

Rest in peace, Mr. Williams.  Here's one more for you.


  1. Aw, this makes me so sad! My parents loved him and always had his stuff on when I was wee little. I feel like listening to his Christmas stuff now...:)

  2. Nothing says Christmas to me quite like Andy Williams. His voice instantly brings me back to my childhood.. And "Happy Holidays" is truly one of his best.


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