Olivia! Olivia! Olivia!

Someone was super-duper excited when the Scholastic order came into the preschool this week.  
Olivia and the Fairy Princesses!!!

And that someone was the dorky grown-up who has been collecting Olivia books and toys since 2000...  you know, five years before she had kids of her own.

The jack-in-the-box was a Christmas present from the hubby's best friend in Arizona.  It was Big Sis's first Christmas, but the jack-in-the-box wasn't for her.  

The girls have taken over Mommy's toys, of course.  The Madame Alexander Olivia doll is missing her tights, collar, and purse.  The china tea set is missing some lids.  (This picture is just a sample of that little tea set, though.  I still have most of it.)  The hubby once heard me cry, "You ripped my book!" at a too-young-to-know-better Big Sis.  I used to have cardboard standees and stuff from the bookstore - any time an Olivia display was coming down, they'd call me first.  Alas, the only thing worse than kids when you have stuff?  CATS.

Oh, wait...  Would you like to see the new book?

Well, there is a fabulous graphic excerpt on Simon & Schuster's website.  And for more information about the book, you can read this wonderful Q & A with Olivia's creator, Ian Falconer, on Publisher's Weekly.

Here's a bit more for you:
Page One.  "Mommy, what does 'depressed' mean?"
My new favorite Olivia illustration.  After we read the book, I showed this video to the girls.  I also showed them a bit from Appalachian Spring, which they'd seen before, but had forgotten about.  

I love seeing what poster is in Olivia's room from book to book.  While the Eleanor Roosevelt is still my favorite, Martha Graham is awesome, too.

The back cover.  Olivia has had enough.
 I'm sure it is obvious from my Fairy Day posts and such that we can be frilly and girly around here.  However, as Olivia says in this wonderful, awesome, fabulous book, "There are alternatives."

For those who are familiar with the Ian Falconer books, I would rank this one with the best.  I admit to being disappointed by the last book, Olivia Goes to Venice.  I loved the fact that she ate gelato on almost every page - when I went to Europe in high school, I overdid it on gelato, too - but it just wasn't as good as the previous five books.

By the way, while it is pretty obvious I'm a stickler for the original Ian Falconer books, my girls - especially Little Sis - do like the Nick Jr. TV show.  We have a few paperbacks, DVDs, and toys.  Some Little Sis got for her 3rd birthday - her Fancy Nancy-themed party.  Others she got for her 4th birthday last year - an Olivia party.

An Olivia 4th Birthday Party

You can never have enough Olivia in your life.

(Special thanks to Big Sis who played photographer for me.  She even helped me set up the shots - through eye rolls and giggles.)

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  1. Replies
    1. The t-shirt was separate, but the rest came from a cute Olivia dress-up trunk. There was even an Olivia explorer outfit!

  2. How cute is this post???? How darling are you??? You look a bit like one of my best friends from Hawaii that I went to high school with. I'm so excited for this book, I've heard that it's the best since the original Olivia!

    1. Haha, thanks. Big Sis and I planned the pictures out on the way home from school the other day. She thinks I'm very silly. I LOVE this book! I love them all, but this one is pretty special.

  3. This post is too cute for words! I always think of you when I see Olivia. When I was pregnant with Kate you gave me Kate's first Olivia book. Whenever we read it together I think of you and that makes me happy. Seeing this post today surely brightened my day!

    1. Yeah, I start spreading the Olivia love early. ;o) I loved our Olivia parties last year! I love you, Tara.

  4. It's just SO MUCH FUN to have friends who are just as nuts about children's books and certain characters as I am! This is so cute and fun and funny!!! (and I'm pretty sure you throw the very best birthday parties every)

    1. I know what you mean! I needed for geeking out. I'm so glad Melissa found me on Pinterest, and got me sucked into the blogosphere. ;o)

      And thanks about the parties. I admit, now that I'm a couple weeks removed from the last one, I have a blast throwing them!


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