Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Monday: I Am A Kitten

I Am A Kitten (A Golden Sturdy Book) by Ole Risom.  Illustrated by Jan Pfloog.  Western Publishing, 1974.

"I am a kitten.  My name is Kate.  I live in a pleasant house in the country."  When I started my bookstore job, I spent a lot of time looking up books I loved as a kid, wondering if they were still in print.  Alas, this Golden Sturdy Book was not.  I remembered it fairly well.  My parents still had it memorized from all the repeat readings.

When Big Sis was born, my mom gave me a bunch of old clothes that had belonged to me as a baby.  Then my brother gave me a bunch of his old books.  I had forgotten that my brother (who is 10 1/2 years younger than me and didn't live with me) had some of my childhood books.  I'm sure I gave them to him.

I love it when something lost is found again.

Sidenote:  I had lots of cats as a child.  One was named Kate.  Years later, my mom had another cat named Kate.  When I met my husband, he had a Siamese.  Her full name is Katharine of Aragon (named for a punchline on  Frasier), but called Kate or Katie.  We still have her.  She's getting old, but she's still awesome.

EDIT:  By the way, to see a couple more Golden Sturdy Books from around this time period, check out this post  on my bloggy friend Leanne's blog Vintage Books for the Very Young.

Party pictures to come!

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  1. I want I am a kitten! wish me luck finding it on my thrifting adventures one day :)

    1. Good luck! I haven't run across another one myself yet. My copy is very well-loved.

  2. oh the cuteness!! I do that too, looking for the more obscure books I had as a kid -- one took me 10 yrs to find b/c I couldn't remember the title (The witch family by eleanor estes) and I finally found some stump the bookseller site where this guy answers questions for people looking for random books they can't remember the titles of!

    1. I tried that website Burgin recommended on Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves once, to find that Molly Brett book I pinned on Pinterest. I wound up finding it on my own, though. I finally remembered a few more details. This one I remembered quite clearly. As I said, my parents can still quote the whole thing. ;o)


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