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Well, the grown-up has much to memorize (Shakespeare, no less), so I'm afraid that Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell has been placed on hold again.  Sigh.  I started The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict this week, too, as it was finally my turn at the library.  I won't have much time to read it, though, as I try to learn lines.  So I'll have to look to the little ones.  Darlings - what are you (or we) reading this weekend?

The answers:  Ivy + Bean: No News Is Good News (the last one until Book 9 comes out!) and whatever we get from the library!


We went to the library.




And our haul?  An old favorite that we still don't own; one we checked out long ago, loved, then forgot all about as we grew; a second book by the same author as the last one; a picture book about two famous authors; and a spooky-looking book with lovely artwork.

And while it will take longer than a weekend, I grabbed a little something for myself, too.


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    1. Thanks! It was a bit of swag sent to promote Olivia Goes To Venice. Long before I had kids, my fellow bookstore employees saved me anything promoting the Olivia books. She has always been my favorite.

  2. Are you in a play???? Tell me, tell me! I used to do a ton of theater but not anymore....and now I'm afraid I wouldnt be able to memorize anything :0

    1. I'm doing a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar - but it's all-female. I'm Antony. I have never had to memorize this many lines. Ever.

    2. craaaaazy yo! Shakespeare is awesome! Have you done theater for a long time?

    3. It was my major in college. I had planned to move away and try do it for a living, but I changed my mind and plans. Now I do it locally, for fun. :o)

  3. You used to work in a bookstore AND you do theater? You are awesome!!


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