Weekend Reading (& Then Some)

(A wink and a nod to Laura Numeroff.)

If we read some books this weekend...

Chances are, Mommy will want to clean...  (Look at that fan!  Ack!!!)

If Mommy wants to clean, then Little Sis will kick her shoes off under the couch in rebellion...

Which will lead to a Barbie and Pony free-for-all in the family room.

And if there's a Barbie and Pony free-for-all in the family room, then Mommy will want to tear her hair out want to clean that, too.  And chances are...

If Mommy has to clean, she'll want a book to curl up with afterward.

Merry Weekend!

We have more Ponies.  Many, many more ponies.

My Little Ponies, drying off after a pleasant swim in the tub.


  1. I think you guys have more of a Pony Problem than we do!! tee hee! (love those Hello Kitty shoes!)

  2. I think there are more loose under the bed. We keep the bin under there. Oh, and I think there are some loose in the car...

    The shoes are from Target. After 3 pairs of ruby slippers, she finally wanted something new. (She has fancier ruby slippers for nicer wear, though.)

  3. adorable post Danzel :) it really does all go around and around when it comes to toys and cleaning and toys and more toys and shoes and eating and cleaning...

    1. There are toys everywhere. Right now. I spend so much time picking up that I run out of time for cleaning! :o)

  4. Such a lot of ponies!!

    Lulu and the Brontosaurus looks like the kids in my house would love it!

    1. I want to start that one tonight! Judith Viorst and Lane Smith - how can it not be good?


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