Warning: Next Week Will Be Circus & Carnival Crazy

We're one week away from Big Sis's 7th birthday (GULP!), and one week and two days away from her party.

Big Sis parties are big.

Big Sis is very popular and loves to be creative.  Mommy likes to be creative, too, and we tend to bring out the best - some would say worst - in each other.

This is a child who picks out a birthday party theme the day after that year's party ends.  We have had one year to plan a backyard circus/carnival birthday party.  It was almost a year ago that I discovered my beloved Pinterest, and one of my first boards was called Carnival and Circus and Sideshow Love.  I have since lifted all the party-related items from that board to one devoted especially to planning Big Sis's party.

It's been a bit hectic around here.  My play, a Shakespeare-in-the-park production of Julius Caesar, opens the same weekend.  She's in a parade this weekend with her Daisy Scout troop.  We still have a house and backyard to clean up, a few game-related things to make, and we must figure out what we're wearing.  (Yes, there will be costumes.  We are gluttons for punishment.)  

Next week, I plan to feature some our favorite circus- or carnival-related books, movies, cartoons, etc.  I need to be reminded of why I was so excited when she chose her theme.

Would you like to see our last couple of Big Sis parties?

Last year was all about owls.  (Little Sis has now decided she is "all owled out.")  We began the year by purchasing bunk beds and getting this bedding, and in September we threw an owl party.  I attempted this "cake," seen below in all its messiness.  I can bake, but I'm a wretched decorator.  Lucky for me, my friend Wendi now bakes out of her home, and she is an artist.

Actually, those cupcakes look worse than I remember.  Cake wreck!

Two years ago was our first big theme party, Alice in Wonderland.  That one was a blast.

The whole family got into the crafty aspect of this party.  The hubby made the cool foam and stick signposts.

We made paper bag and headband Mad Hatter hats, and several awesome grown-ups came dressed up, including Fairy Godmother Katie and her family.

So our circus party plans to be Big Sis's last hurrah.  We're doing the destination party thing next year - she promised.  Here's hoping we keep our sanity between now and next Saturday!


  1. wow wow wow! super mama! those are AWESOME! parties at home are so hard and I so envy you the summer bday so you can use your yard! I so wish we could do that but J is a winter bday. I've always admired all your party pins on Pinterest, now I see why you've been doing it!

    can't wait to see this yr's soiree!!!

    1. Thanks! :o) Growing up, I had the summer birthday (although it stunk not having a birthday during the school year) and my sister had the February birthday. I remember a year when a horrible blizzard hit, and NO ONE made it to her party.

      Little Sis's birthday is November 1. Last year and three years ago, the weather was warm and sunny, and we were able to move outside. Other years it's been rainy or cold.

      I love planning the parties. I just wish I could cancel EVERYTHING ELSE going on in our lives while we're planning them. :o)

  2. TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS. The Alice in Wonderland party- LOVE. I can't wait to see all your circus posts and pics! That is going to be one heck of a busy weekend for you!!

    1. Thanks. The Alice party was a lot of fun. As for next week, I think I may lose my mind. We'll see!


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