Ruby Gloom

We got rid of cable last year, bought a Roku box, and subscribed to Netflix instead.  (And Hulu Plus.  And Amazon Prime.  But it's still cheaper than cable!)

It was supposed to be an effort to cut down on TV watching.  Instead, the girls found new shows to watch.

And at the top of the list is Ruby Gloom.

This is the first book in the Ruby Gloom book series.  I scored a used copy from Better World Books, but we haven't read it yet.

A Canadian animated series based on a US apparel and accessories line!  How Hot Topic!

But, oh my goodness, they love it.  Little Sis has a macabre streak, and Big Sis is reaching the age where she wants to be "cool" and less "babyish."  (Sigh.)  Ruby Gloom is a perfect meet-in-the-middle show.  With a fantastic theme song.  

If you're not familiar with Ruby Gloom, it's about a bright, happy, positive-thinking girl who lives in a dark, goth world. It's sweet and cheery, and dark and ghoulie at the same time.  My favorite character is Misery, the walking disaster area.  My hubby is fond of Scaredy Bat.  Big Sis likes Iris, Ruby's adventuresome friend.  Little Sis, when asked who her favorite character is, replied, "All of them.  I don't have a favorite."  I could hear the eye-roll in her voice.  Sigh.

This is their favorite episode:  

If you don't watch the whole thing, at least check out the theme song.  It's very, very catchy.


  1. WAY COOL!!!! I'm thinking Julia would love this and be a teensy bit leery of it, which just makes her even more intrigued with something!

    We're about to pull the cable plug. The only thing holding us back is Disney channel. She flipping adores her Disney shows. we're investigating how we can get access to that stuff.

    1. Disney shows for younger kids are hard to find on Netflix and Amazon. My girls love Imagination Movers, and besides one DVD containing just a few episodes, the only ways to watch without cable are to buy them off iTunes or the Disney website, which usually has a few streaming. Some of their favorite Nick shows are slowly making their way to Netflix (Yo Gabba Gabba), but most of those can be found on DVD for cheap.

    2. dude, i think we're doing it -- we just spent the past hour researching it all -- the big show she'd freak about losing - Phineus & Ferb -- is on Hulu, plus all kinds of other neato stuff -- old school Electric Company! My little Pony! Bug Bunny!

      I think we're gonna end saving over $100 per month.

    3. Yes, Phineas and Ferb is on Netflix, too! Along with lots of PBS shows, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Jem & The Holograms (!!!). We have Amazon Prime, too ($70 a year, which actually makes it the cheapest of the three), which has a ton more.


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