HR Pufnstuf

... or "Vintage Low-Brow." Or "Someone Else's Nostalgia."

Yesterday, my bloggie friend Melissa did a post about low-brow media tie-in books.  I know my daughters love their toy and TV-related bookies, too.  And I have no room to talk - I covered some of the crap from my own childhood over here.  This swirled in my head today as I watched Little Sis:

See her book?

Why yes, it's a media tie-in book for that classic show from the psychedelic '70s, H.R. Pufnstuf.

So why do we have this book?  Both Mommy and Daddy were born after 1971, when the show went off the air.  Was it a hand-me-down from an older relative?  A garage sale find?  Just something that came along with some other books?

No.  This was a legitimate eBay purchase.  A Christmas gift for my Pufnstuf-loving four-year-old.

We don't have cable, but we have Netflix.  On a lark, I put on the 1970 feature film last year.  It's so weird, I thought the girls would laugh a bit, and that would be the end of it.  But no.  Little Sis was in love. 

 My hubby was not grateful.  This does get stuck in your head:

(Oh, dear.  Between HR Pufnstuf, Betty Boop, and Pinwheel, Mommy may come perilously close to becoming this parent.)

It took a little longer for the TV show to make it to Netflix, but eventually it did.

And Little Sis drove us crazy.  The show is still on Netflix, but my dad got her the DVDs for Christmas anyway.  It came with an official bobblehead.

H.R. Pufnstuf and Freddy Flute are watching you.
I wish there was a Witchy Poo bobblehead.  I love Witchy Poo.  Okay, I admit it.  I watched it with her.
And yes, Mommy indulged her, too.  From eBay came the soundtrack to the film, on glorious vinyl:
Martha Raye!  Mama Cass!
And eBay was the source of the little Whitman Tell-A-Tale book. 
And here are a few pages!
I don't think the Jimmy in the illustrations looks much like Jack Wild.  Someday, I'll show the girls the movie version of Oliver!  This is how I prefer young Mr. Wild:

On a semi-related note, while HR Pufnstuf may not have been a part of my own sunny '70s and '80s childhood, McDonaldland was.


These commercials may not have aired when I was little, but I do remember Mayor McCheese...
Okay.  I'm done now.  Really.  


  1. I have never heard of any of this!! Is there no end to your knowledge of the coolest obscure stuff? :) I still have to sit down with Miss J and watch a bunch of the videos you have one here....

    1. Sid and Marty Krofft were responsible for several Saturday morning kids' series with big costumed characters/puppets. They also did the characters for Banana Splits, which Cartoon Network re-ran in the '90s. ("One banana, two banana, three banana, four/ Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more...")

      Pufnstuf is famous for its weirdness. There is also the theory that it's all one big drug reference. You can read a bit about it here: They had a ball with this one on VH1's "I Love The '70s," back in the day.

      As a '90s teen, I first about it on this cd: The Murmurs do the Pufnstuf theme at 1:50.

    2. Ooooo, look at how my comment formatted itself...

    3. On a related note, I so need to remember my html codes. That was the one good thing about Myspace: it taught me some code...

    4. you are so awesome. Your kids are going to be raddest kids in town with all the cool stuff they know!

  2. This is hilarious! Oh my goodness! Wow! You've got some lucky girls, what fun parents you are! I love it :)

    1. I think we're probably crazy. They will have their heads full of useless trivia about weird '70s shows and old silent movies. :o)

  3. LOL!! AWESOME. I had heard of HR PufnStuf before but never seen it. I love all the weird stuff you guys watch!

    1. I had only seen clips via VH1 before last year. Seriously, I didn't expect them to like it.


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