Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Monday: On BunnyEars.TV and Pinwheel

Where I pay homage to those weird things from the past that haunted me as an adult.

Have you checked out BunnyEars.Tv?  I've shared posts from its Facebook page via my own, if you follow me there.  You can read its manifesto and about its origins here.  

The programs I love most are the ones I remember from Pinwheel.  Ha, she mentioned Pinwheel again!  But seriously, I did become rather obsessed with filling in those holes in my memory from my own childhood, once I had children.  When you had kids, did you begin vigorously hunting down those things you loved most when you were little?

BunnyEars.tv has resurrected a few of my favorites.  The Bunny With The Checkered (or Chequered) Ears is very dear to me.  I never forgot the opening of those cartoons.  I jumped for joy when I found the official website one day.  Using the original Hungarian title ( A Kockásfülű nyúl), I was finally able to find a HUGE number of the cartoons on YouTube.  The best part is my husband, who did not have cable as a kid - no Pinwheel for him! - loves these cartoons.  He'll sit and watch them with Little Sis sometimes.  

Bunny merchandise!  Oh, how I need to travel someday.

Bunny With the Checkered Ears!   

BunnyEars.TV has also brought back another Pinwheel favorite, the strange French stop-motion Chapi Chapo.  The music from this one makes me feel like I'm five years old again.  

Big Sis likes Chapi Chapo a lot, especially singing nonsense gibberish along with the theme song.  I suspect she's really watching with bemusement.  "My mom actually liked this?  It's so weird.  Silly mom!" She's too sweet to say it out loud, though.
Chapi Chapo - they're so cute.
BunnyEars.Tv also airs Bagpuss, also aired in the US on Pinwheel, and fondly remembered in its UK homeland.  The official website is so lovely.   Look!
Bagpuss Microwavable Slippers!!!  
Bagpuss shorts are a bit longer.  Here is one called "Ship in a Bottle."

BunnyEars.TV has other cartoons and programs, too, from Europe and Canada.  I admit I get stuck on the ones I remember most, but it's fun to check out "Today's Cartoon."  I might see something new! And yes, I said "I."  Because I must admit, I check out BunnyEars.TV more than my children do.


  1. We are having a 'break' from TV this week, but I'm going to throw the girlie a bone and let her watch this -- it'll make her day!! (and I really want to see it too :)

    1. If we had the TV on this weekend, it was to watch the Olympics. That was about it. :o)

  2. I love Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Mondays!! I think I have that disorder too. I think that I will start occasionally posting about retro tv and toys on my blog, thanks for the inspiration! BunnyEars tv is too too cute. So fun to rediscover stuff we loved as kids now that we are adults!

    1. Cool! I'm just a big kid with kids. I love showing them the stuff I loved, back in the day.

  3. Thank you for the correct psychoanalysis on BunnyEars.tv! We are indeed completely obsessed and glad you are too!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you found me here. I'm a little shy about making myself known, but I LOVE your website. It just makes me happy. Thanks for exposing these old shows to new audiences.


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