Mud Pie Kitchens and Cooler Weather

Eighty-two degrees.  Aaaaaahhhhh...

The many days of 100-plus degree weather took their toll on our yard.  My container garden shriveled to brown, and we didn't even pester the girls to clean up their toys after their morning playtime.  Little Sis was thrilled to play in her mud kitchen all afternoon.  (Thank you, Pinterest, for leading me to so many mud pie kitchens around the interwebs this summer.  My messy little imp was in mud heaven.)

Our fairy house has turned brown, of course.  We can do some awesome things to it for fall, though.


Enjoying the duct taped table.

My outdoorsy baby.


  1. SO CUTE!!! I love her dress. You have the backyard o' fun! so glad its cooled down a bit for ya :)

  2. Cute dress!! I like our cooler weather we've been having lately here too, it's been a record-breaking summer for heat this year and I'm not a big fan of heat!

  3. Thanks, both of you. :o) My dad used to buy gingham dresses for the girls, whenever he saw them. It's back in the '80s, but man, it's great. I hate heat, and it did hit 112 degrees here at last once this summer.


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