Looms and Jammies

The four to six-year-old set loves getting out the pot holder looms.

They also love wearing pajamas past noon, while watching rhythmic gymnastics on the Olympics.  

(They can do their own routines later.  And you can bet that they will!)


  1. As a kid I spent hours making pot holders! I've gotta get a set for my kids... haven't thought about those in a while! Also the fairy tale book from yesterday looks to die for! So glad you got to get your hands on it :)

    1. The looms were a gift from my mom. I remember getting my loom when I was five, and I mentioned how much I remember loving it to my mother. She got them each a set for Big Sis's birthday last year. The pot holders are a bit small, but they're so pretty and colorful, so I hang them up in the kitchen/dining area for decoration.

      The book is truly wonderful. Thanks. :o)


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