Happy Birthday To Me (and Weekend Reading)

I'm a Leo, so of course I'm going to shout about this Very Special Day.


Actually, I'm in my 30s and a mom, so in real life, we're not doing much.  And I hate summer, especially this 110-degree weather that has successfully killed my tomato plants.

A party.  A literary-themed party would be nice.  A swanky Great Gatsby party, perhaps?  I love the Roaring Twenties!  Unfortunately, the dress style doesn't love me.  (Boyish figure?  Um, no.)  And I prefer air-conditioned comfort to sweating outside.  A sweetly refined Jane Austen party?  (Isn't it beautiful???)  Love Miss Austen, but I would prefer something splashy.  Oooo, how about a Night Circus party?  A midnight dinner?

Or how about a surprise?  A happy, fun surprise, where everything looks amazing and I don't have to clean up afterward?

Um, yeah.  Really, a clean house and some flowers would thrill me.  (EDIT:  There were flowers on the kitchen table this morning!  My hubby loves me.)

Well, here is a little birthday wishlist anyway.  My "what I'd get myself if money was no object" list.

Oh, and before I forget, I really, really, really want one of these, too...  (EDIT:  Oh my goodness, guess what was sitting in my living room when I got up this morning?  The hubby is building one!  It's still under construction, but it looks great!)

Now on to other things...

It's Friday, so we have our weekend reading gathered.  I'm still reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.  On the girls' night stand are On the Banks of Plum Creek and Ivy + Bean #6.  We have been very busy this week - the girls are in a play - so our reading time has been scarce.  We hope to make it to the library today, as I have a few things on hold that must be picked up.

Sorry, not a whole lot to post on the book front right now.  What are you reading this weekend?

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  1. So much to love about this post!! The old birthday party pictures- too cute! Happy birthday, Danzel! Oh my goodness, any of those grown-up party ideas sounds awesome to me. So many of those wish-list links are so cool, especially the fairy tale book!! And seriously, do you have the best husband ever, or what!! On another note, I am on page 299 of The Night Circus - getting close to the end...!

    1. Thank you! I just ordered the fairy tale book! A friend emailed me an Amazon gift certificate this morning. And my sister got me The Uninvited Guest. I feel very blessed today.

      When you get to the end, let me know what you thought! I loved it. :o)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And.....I AM FREAKING OUT! we are having a parallel lives thing going on. seriously, i kid you not, just today Julia and I had the realization that her two little dolls from her Littlest Pet Shop kits were actually mini Blythe dolls! And then we spent 20 minutes looking up Blythe dolls. Just today! ISN'T THAT WEIRD???

    Also, I pinned 'The Uninvited Guests' a couple months ago and I'm totally going to read that as my Halloween book.

    And I vote for a Night Circus party!

    1. Thank you!!!

      I pushed the girls into liking the LPS Blythe dolls, so I could live vicariously through them. :o)

      I'm excited to read The Uninvited Guests, but I need to finish a couple of other books first. I just need to get through this weekend...

      Wouldn't a Night Circus party be awesome???


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