Beautiful, Beautiful Old Books

I haven't even cleared the birthday stuff off the table yet (hello cards and candles!).

A very heavy package came today.

After months and months of trying, I finally won the Friday contest from one of my very favorite blogs, Forgotten Bookmarks.

And the prize?  Children's books!

1950s-era Nancy Drew!  Nancy was a childhood favorite of mine.

1950s-era Bobbsey Twins

An illustrated copy of Tom Sawyer from Harper & Brothers.  The last copyright date listed is 1917.  Somebody inscribed it as a gift in 1931.

Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings.  Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, and Br'er Bear!
Two old books by Kate Douglas Wiggin, author of Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm.  These were her first two published titles.  They are later printings, but still very old.  The Story of Patsy is dated 1889.  The Birds' Christmas Carol is from 1899.  

Found inside the front cover of The Birds' Christmas Carol.
 I had a strange feeling that this would be my week.  Because this book was in the mix.

Remember my Shirley Temple post?  When I wrote that, I had just finished watching the 1940 film version of The Blue Bird for the first time.  The Blue Bird was a very popular play in the early part of the twentieth century.  The film was odd enough that I found myself researching the source material late one night, on the internet as I am wont to do.

By Georgette Leblanc (Madame Maurice Maeterlinck).  Maurice Maeterlinck wrote the play.
 I tend to become a wee bit obsessive with things that interest me.

I also own the 1918 silent film version, although I have yet to watch it.

An illustration from The Children's Blue Bird.

Sadly, this book is in need of a little tlc.

This binding has seen better days.
Now I must decide where to put these!


  1. YOU GOT THE BLUE BIRD????????????????????????


    don't ever go to sleep again, girl, I'm a-comin' for your books. :)

    Incredible. What a cool blog that forgotten books! I remember when I was little and reading 'Ballet Shoes' for the millionth time, (it's my fav book for older elementary books, closely tied with 'Anne of GG' -- anyway, the girls in Ballet Shoes were performing the Blue Bird and I've been intrigued with that play ever since...

    1. You know, I still haven't read the Shoe books? It's so wrong of me. I can hear Meg Ryan's voice in my head, listing off the shoes books, then choking up on, "Although Skating Shoes is completely wonderful - but it's out of print."

      The Blue Bird was why I was most excited about that week's Friday giveaway. I enter every week, but this one called to me. :o)

    2. OH DANZEL. You crush my soul. :) You must read those books!!! Oh how I loved those books. When I saw 'You've Got Mail' I almost screamed when Meg said that line, I was like OH YES!!!!!!!!!!

      Like, now I have to read my old tattered copy to go comfort myself. ;)

    3. I know, I know. If I didn't need to memorize a ton of monologues for Julius Caesar this month, I'd run out and grab them right now!

  2. WOW! What an incredible selection of books to win! Does that inscription say 1900? WOW! I love that. So I've been in NY for several days, just now catching up on blogs- I missed your birthday post- but I loved seeing the pics of birthdays gone by :) I hope you had a wonderful one!

    1. Thanks, Robyn! I got some nice presents. Didn't get to do much with the family, but it was nice.

      It does say 1900! It was a gift from a teacher. I love that!

  3. So awesome, especially the super-duper old ones!! What a great contest win! I have one book from the 1890's that I treasure, will blog about it sometime.

    1. Oooo, I'd love to see it! I love old books. Even when they're beaten up, it's so cool to hold them in your hands and imagine who has read them before. :o)


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