Automobiles For Mice

Automobiles for Mice was written and illustrated by Marie Hall Ets, and published by Viking Press in 1964.    We found an old library copy at a barn sale in Hesston, KS, last fall.  I thought I would share some scans.  The book is no longer in print.

There are two mouse families living in the basement of Johnny's house:  Mr. Graymouse "and his lady mouse and his baby mouse" and Mr. Tailymouse and "his lady mouse and his baby mouse."  One night, while Johnny is sleeping, the mouse families sneak up the stairs to see what they can see.  In Johnny's playroom, they find a plane and a train and what can only be described as "automobiles for mice!"

One mouse family tries the truck, while the other tries the plane.  As the truck only crashes and the plane only falls, they decide to try the car and the train.  Disaster strikes.

In the morning, Johnny wakes, finds his playroom a mess, and rushes to pick up his toys.  Mr. Graymouse runs from the wreckage.

Mr. Graymouse joins the rest of his injured party in the safe basement.  "There will never never be A U T O M O B I L E S  F O R  M I C E !"

Poor bloody mice.  (Yes, this is my daughters' favorite picture.)

(Obsessive Nostalgia Disorder Monday will be back next week, as long as I can find the time to obsess over some childhood thing over the weekend. - Thanks!)

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  1. That bloody mouse picture is hilarious! I just know my kids would love that too. There's nothing like finding vintage out of print treasures :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Was just looking at your 'About Us' - where did you meet Skippyjon Jones?? LOL! Awesome!!

    1. I did the storytimes at my old job. Skippyjon Jones was the last costume that the company sent us for storytime, a year ago this September. ;o)


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