Wilder Travels, Part 3

In which we continue our travels with Laura at home.  Sort of.


I don't sew.

Not really.

I have a sewing machine.  I can do basic handstitching, I suppose, which usually results in lots of needle-jabbing through my fingers.  I embroider.  I'm not very good at any of it.

But at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum bookstore, I agreed to purchase a "Make Your Own Doll Quilt" kit.  And it's quite cute.  Today, we unpacked the kit.

Oh, yay!  Instructions.  (Whew!)

And, let's see...  we have batting, and a big piece of muslin for the back.  (Yes, I realize the juice and tomatoes were an accident waiting to happen.  What can I say?  I'm lazy.)

Okay, so let's make some nice, neat blocks.  Sweetie, where's your ruler?  (crickets)  You know, the old wooden ruler Great-Grandma gave you?  It says "Wonder Bread" on it?  (chirp, chirp)  Um, okay, you know what?  I'll just use this package of super glue as a straight edge.  

Despite all the little squares of thin, plain muslin, this might be rather pretty.  

 Oh, wait!  You should wear the bonnet we got you in Independence!

The tags, by the way, state that the bonnets are from Pennsylvania...  but made in China.

 (Yes, sweetie, you may take it off now.)

Look at you, stitching away!  My big, almost-7-year-old!  I'll bet you'll do a much better job than I could.  Really.  Stitch away!  

Now it's little sister's turn.

Oh, look, it's almost time for your theatre class.  Look, we have some strips!

And a lot...  lot...  lot more to go.  Mommy needs a drink some chocolate now...

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  1. Ok I just caught all the Laura posts! LUCKY you!! Oh my gosh how fun. I'm freaking out. Did you ever catch the posts I did with J wearing her prairie girl hat? That may have been before you were reading my blog. You are SO COOL to be doing this! these pix are so darling, I loved them all.

    1. I did see that one! (I saw it when I was playing catch-up, I think.) I searched your blog to find the post I read, and it was the one with that gorgeous origami tree. :o)

      Apparently, my girls have decided theirs are purely for decorative purposes. As in hanging on a doorknob, not decorating their heads.

  2. You're commentary is hilarious! Good luck with the quilts :) They'll be adorable. I love the simplicity of the nine patch- which was the first quilt I ever made :)

    1. I'm sure it will look like a 6-year-old made it! (Even if I'm the one doing the work...)

  3. So did you have your...chocolate?

    1. Ha, Ma, I take it that's you? I wish, but not just then. I got good coffee at a booksigning that evening, and a chocolate frozen custard malt when I got home, though.


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