This Is Dolly

I spent all afternoon making her.

The little daughter named her.

She is not stitched too well. 

Her dress is quite shapeless.

Her hair is quite thin.

But the oldest daughter exclaimed, "She is homemade, so she is perfect!"

Tonight, we read an old favorite.

Fanny by Holly Hobbie.  Little, Brown, 2008.

Tonight we read Fanny by Holly Hobbie - the real Holly Hobbie - all about a girl who makes her own doll.

Someday, my girls may be inspired to make their own dolls, too.


  1. I love holly hobby! (and I haven't seen that book before so I need to get my hands on it) I love that you made that sweet little dolly- all I'm doing lately is making stuff... I'm one of the artist vendors at Craft Lake City on August 11th and I need to get more stuff made! It's taking over my life.

    1. Fanny is the sweetest book. She wants a "Connie" doll, because all her friends have one, but her mother says no. So she makes her own doll, and names her Annabelle. There's a second book called Fanny and Annabelle.

      I'm trying to get back into the swing of making things. Summer makes me laaaaaaazyyyy. I'm much more industrious in the fall and winter. (Especially when the kids are in school...)

  2. I will not be letting my oldest daughter within a mile of the screen when this post is up! She will be EXTREMELY jealous-- of the doll you made and the book with make your own paper dolls!

    Your girls are adorable by the way!

    1. Aww, thank you!

      I don't know what became of the paper dolls. I think they were forgotten about within a day or two of getting the book. I'm dodging requests for another ragdoll. It's a rare day when I feel that industrious.


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