Daddy Said Okay...

...  when the girls and their cousins asked to cover our picnic table with Duck Tape.

My only real concern is that we are now out of Duck Tape.  We'll need more if they decide to finish the job.


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    1. It does look cool. I'm trying to forget how much the duct tape cost per roll. I think I'll need to buy more, though, so they can do the seats.

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    1. Thanks. The hubby says he watched them for a little while. They were taking their time, trying to do it just right. When I asked him why he let them do it, he said the table is so rickety that we will definitely be its last owners. Why not? ;o)

  3. It looks very fun and bright, I bet they had a ball!

  4. That is so cool! Can we come over? My husband would never go for it-- unless maybe you could like lacquer over it or something...hmmm.

    Although, my kids would not have done as neat a job- the oldest would have, but the younger 2 would have had a giant wad of tapey-ness.

    1. The majority was done by my oldest (almost 7) and the 9-year-old cousins. The table was a freebie from friends. It isn't in the best shape. Or so the husband explained to me when I looked at him like he was crazy. "What? It's not in good shape. We'll never sell it or anything." Okay...

      We bought more duct tape today.


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