Christmas In July


Look at our antique mall haul!

My favorite antique mall had a Christmas in July sale this weekend.  I made the girls go with me.  They wound up having a great time, and I grabbed a few goodies:  a new old tablecloth, a small original painting, a vintage children's magazine, some Little Golden Books, and a Fisher Price music box radio.

Because I'm really a big kid myself.

Little Sis wanted to point out that we already have a Fisher Price radio.  I told her they are completely different, so it doesn't matter.

The "new" one is clearly the older model.  (According to This Old Toy, the Jack & Jill box is from 1968-1970.  The "It's  A Small World" box is from 1977-1978.  Yes, I'm geeky enough to look this up.)

The girls really liked the little painting.  It's signed "Marjorie M. Anderson, 1977."  I found a listing on an art info site for an artist by that name, and emailed her daughter.  (The artist has passed.)  She verified that it was most likely her mother's work.  It's small, and the colors go well with our living room.

The Golden Book of Birds was written by Hazel Lockwood, illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky, and  first published in 1943.  This edition is most likely from after 1947.  (It is an E edition, according to the numbering system.)

In the "This Book Belongs To" box, someone has written a name (Margaret something something), and it is clearly dated 4-26-'48.

The other books are later vintage.  Heidi was first published in the 1950s, but this is a 1970s reissue.  The lovely pictures are by Corinne Malvern.

The last two feature illustrations by Richard Scarry.  My Little Golden Book of Manners is by Peggy Parris and "Consultants: The Third Grade of Dalton School, New York."  It was first published in 1962.  This edition is much later, though, from the 1990s at least.  (How can I tell?  A Tiny Toons Adventures book is among the ones listed on the back.)  Cars and Trucks was originally published in 1951.  This edition is probably from the 1980s.

Yay, Richard Scarry!

This, however, is my favorite purchase.  For this, I blew the dust off the old scanner.

I'll have a bit more to share tomorrow!

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  1. I am going to have to find an antique mall to go to too!! I have decided I NEED a Fisher-Price radio! :) So cool that you found a book inscribed in the 40's! Oh and I have that same Heidi book. And I have been on the lookout for that Little Golden Book of Manners, it looks so cute.

    1. My sister and I have two of our radios, although for some reason (my sister blames me) our radios have been switched: I have her "Small World" radio, and she has mine that plays "Getting To Know You." (I also had the one that played "Candy Man" from Willy Wonka, but it disappeared years ago.) I love the old Fisher Price music box toys. When my oldest was born, the first thing I did was hunt down one of the old music box record players, like the one I had when I was little. The one I got from eBay doesn't play perfectly, but it's still such a sweet toy!

      This antique mall is fabulous in that it has two locations, and sometimes the prices are closer to flea market than antique store. ;o)

      My husband seems to think he had the Little Golden Book of Manners. At least he remembers it.

  2. OMG Danzel, don't freak out but I have a post coming tomorrow called Christmas in July! I wrote it 2 weeks ago and was just waiting to publish it. I literally had a jaw drop when I saw this post! So apparently this means.....WE ARE ON THE SAME PSYCHIC LEVEL OF AWESOME. I'll go back and put in a link to this post in my post because this is a coincidence of MAJOR PROPORTIONS!!! (I'm talking about some Christmas books tomorrow :)

  3. Replies
    1. HAHA! That's great! I love the idea of Christmas in July. Only Santa should focus on the parents this go-round. ;o) And I love Christmas books, so I'm looking forward to your post!

      And thanks!

  4. What fantastic finds! I wish I could have been with you, that sounds like my very favorite kind of adventure!

    We had fisher price radios when I was a kid. Somehow my sister got them both I think... hmmm, I don't know how that happened.

    I also collect golden books. I'd really love a copy of that birds book, I hope I come across one someday :) I love that it's dated and signed by the original owner! Wonderful

    1. I was very excited about the Birds book! It isn't one of the earliest, dust-jacketed copies, so while it cost more than the other Golden Books I bought on that excursion, it was still rather cheap.

      I didn't go to the mall intending to buy mostly kid stuff. It's just that my own tastes run toward "vintage kiddo." :o)

  5. Thanks for sharing. i had an adventure like you. school classes


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