Children's Play Mate Magazine, July 1941

Here are more scans of my favorite Christmas in July present to myself the girls from the antique mall this weekend.  (And for actual Christmas books, check out my blog pal Melissa's "Christmas in July" post over at Julia's Bookbag!)

This wonderful little magazine is in lovely condition.  It's full of stories, poems, crafts, and other goodies.

front cover
"A Tale of Peter Pig" by Esther Cooper, pages 2 and 3
"The Bald-Headed Pixie" by Esther Cooper, pages 14 & 15

"Summer Sewing," page 23

"Games for Your Party or Playtime," page 24.  "Fourth of July Picnic: A Puzzle," page 25.
Joan and Jack paper dolls, pages 25 & 27
Sun Day Clothes, pages 28 & 29

Coloring Contest, inside back cover

The last scan is my favorite.  "A Cocker Puppy Free to the winner of the First Prize in this easy Coloring Contest!"

"First prize:  Taffy--a beautiful, taffy-colored cocker-spaniel.  A pedigreed puppy shipped free to your home (or his value in money).  A Cocker as lovely as Weary Willie, shown above!"

I wonder who won Taffy.  Or if someone's parents persuaded him or her to take the cash...

In researching this magazine, I found that it only ceased publication in 2008!  A brief history can be found here.

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  1. Oh my goodness! They gave away a puppy!!! that's absolutely fantastic!

    And those paper dolls! OH, they are beyond wonderful :)

    So glad you found such a treasure!

    1. Thanks! I'm still excited by it. Since I scanned the paper dolls, I'll probably print some copies for the girls.

      The puppy cracks me up!

  2. Hmm maybe I will join in and do a Christmas in July post too at some point! :)

  3. Seriously, that puppy! I think you're right, the parents surely went for the cash, so the editor probably took home a puppy-- or whoever came up with the idea to give it away.
    The bald-headed pixie looks very intriguing!

    1. Seriously! I want to know what happened to poor little Taffy!

      The pixie's name is Herbert. Herbert the Pixie. He's sad because he's the only pixie without long flowing hair. In the end, a scarecrow lets him take all the cornsilk he wants, in exchange for his polka dot necktie.

      I must find more of these magazines.

  4. BALD HEADED PIXIE??????????????? aaaaaaagh! coolest thing ever.

    you find the coolest stuff in the UNIVERSE.


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