Books and Boxes and Busting Boredom

It's back in the 100s.  We had a short reprieve, but now it's hot again.

But I won't whine.  Nope.  We can play outside early and late in the day, and find some fine indoor activities to beat the heat.

Yesterday, the hubby went through the girls' shoes.  How is it that both my girls outgrew size 9 1/2 shoes in the space of two or three months?  I'm not exaggerating.  Big Sis started her 9 1/2s at the beginning of summer, then outgrew them by the time she started pre-K.   Now Little Sis has managed to outgrow the 9 1/2s we got her in May.  It's crazy.  Sooooo...  we hit Target yesterday, and restocked a bit on shoes.  Which meant we brought home shoe boxes.

Which meant,

"Mom?  Where's the glue stick?"

This kept them occupied for a couple of hours.  Seriously.

And while they did that, I made a pinwheel mobile.  I may not be much for sewing, but I love making paper pinwheels!  I have a Pinterest board for pinwheels.

(Of course I do.  Because I am a Pinterest addict and probably in dire need of help.)

Last night, the girls needed to work on their rooms.  We have a three bedroom, "mid-century modest" house (to borrow a phrase from Pam at Retro Renovation).  The two smaller bedrooms are very, very small, so one they share for sleeping (yay, bunk beds!) and one is their playroom.  Both rooms were looking bad, but the girls went above and beyond what we asked.  They cleaned their playroom closets.  

These closets were bad.  Overflowing.  Trashed.

And they fixed them.  They organized and arranged, and they did it well.

So today, I surprised them with lunch at our neighborhood indie bookstore & cafe.  Then we went to one of our favorite used bookstores and went to town!

The book-making book is a new book from the indie store.  I'll have more on that one in a later post.  We hit the jackpot at the used bookstore.  A whole stack of the Little House chapter books!  The three Molly McIntire books we didn't have!  Another Strawberry Moshi book!  Leo Lionni!

Even our mailbox was full of happy today.  Little Sis is invited to a birthday party (see the invitation above), and we got the latest issue of FamilyFun.

Once inside, Little Sis showed her Molly doll the new books.  (The doll was a gift from her uncle in DC.  She's a bit too little to sit still as I read her the books, although her attention span is getting better and better.)

Have you seen the Strawberry Moshi/MoshiMoshiKawaii books?  We have three now.  They're like the Where's Waldo? of adorableness.  In the US, they are published by Candlewick Press.  You can "like" them on Facebook and play on the computer, too.  (I haven't introduced the girls to the computer game yet.)  

Big Sis agreed to show off the books.

Where is Strawberry Princess Moshi? (Moshi Moshi Kawaii) by MindWave, Inc.  Candlewick Press, 2003.

So now we have new books to read, books to make, and games to play.  And if we need something else to do, there's always that doll quilt to finish...


  1. We have the Strawberry Moshi book!!!! THE BEST THING EVER! Sorry its been so hot, icky. I wish we could have a ginormous playdate, y'all do such fun things! :)

    1. I thought you would! All three of us started accounts on the website last night. Yes, I started one, too...

      Wouldn't that be fun? I don't keep them so well entertained. Last night the oldest wouldn't stop whining, "I'm booooooooored."

  2. I definitely have had my eye on those Moshi Moshi books at Walmart!

    1. They're fun! We gather around the books and try to beat each other at finding the moshi we're looking for. :o)


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