Science Rocks

I'm so excited for the cd Science Fair, which will be released on July 3 by Spare the Rock records.  I love Bill Childs' Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, which we listen to via iTunes podcasts.  The line-up on the cd looks fantastic, and the cause is a super-worthy one.

The video is Mates of States' cover of "I Am A Scientist," originally by Guided By Voices.


  1. What a beautiful sound! I've never heard of Bill Childs before- I'm loving what I heard here though, very cool!

    1. I should probably say that the band in the video is Mates of State, and the song is a cover of Guided By Voices' "I Am A Scientist." I'll edit that now. ;o)

    2. Ha! You know I could have just followed your links and figured that all out on my own, oops. That really does look incredible. And Bill Childs' radio show looks cool too. This is all new to me. Have you listened to 'They Might be Giants' album 'Science is Real'? We love it! We love all the TMBG stuff actually- and when I just went to the links you provided I saw that they did the cover song for Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. Anyways, thanks for helping me be in the know!

    3. We love They Might Be Giants! Science is Real is great. I found the Spare the Rock podcast about five years ago, when the oldest was just a tiny thing. We had just discovered Dan Zanes, which had her bopping up and down. When searching iTunes, I hit upon Spare the Rock. It is so much fun! :o)


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