Last Day of Not-Summer

Although the weather has been screaming "SUMMER!" for weeks now.

I don't like summer.  I detest heat.  And humidity.  And sweat.  And swimsuits.  (I haven't owned a swimsuit since I was pregnant with the oldest.  I have yet to find one I feel even halfway comfortable in.)  I wish I could hibernate through summer.  That will not happen, though.  There are children to entertain, and this year, we even get a vacation, albeit a brief one.  See?  There's a positive right there.  So just as I do every year about this time, I am trying to list all the things I just might possibly enjoy about summer.

1.  International Fairy Day is June 24th! - Until last year, we celebrated the realm of the fae (in a childlike sense, not a realistic sense) on or around the first day of summer, but last year, I learned about International Fairy Day via Facebook, and how could we keep from celebrating?  We touched up our little backyard fairy house, the girls played fairy dress-up all day, then we celebrated with fairy sprinkle cupcakes that night.

This year, we're celebrating Fairy Day with friends.  A fairy party!  We still need to fix up our fairy house (no pictures until that's done), but decorations and plans are underway!  We made our own invitations, recycling a craft idea we learned about via Family Fun magazine.

2.  Front Porch Love - Yes, I love sitting out on the front porch in the evening, citronella torches burning (in vain) to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  The hubby moved our imitation antique radio to the porch table, so we can sit, listening as we read, watching the kids play.  Iced tea in hand.  Iced tea is a must.

3.  Tomatoes! - We have tomatoes this year!  Last year, every single thing we planted withered and died.  Our little container garden seems to be thriving this year, though.  The tomatoes look wonderful, as does our chard, squash, and mint.  Knocking on wood for the bell peppers.

4.  Fireflies - Lots of fireflies.

5.  August 3rd - Oh, yeah, I was born in summer.  Sometimes this is an okay thing.

Maybe if I didn't live in a landlocked state.  Or maybe if I'd been born in a different era.


  1. HOLY TOLEDO!!! I so want to come to your fairy party!!!!

    1. I'm excited! A friend of mine has gone fairy-crazy, and has about a million things planned. Frankly, I was planning on some sandwiches, cupcakes, and then letting the kids run around the yard. I think it's become a bit bigger. We'll see. ;o)

  2. Hi! I've been reading your comments over at Julia's Bookbag for a while now and wanted to come meet you, I'm Robyn! And you have fireflies. I've never seen them in real life... (very sad about that). I love the photo of your little fairies and those fantastic invitations and you already have red tomatoes!?! lucky.

    1. Hi, Robyn! I've checked out your blog many times, but I'll admit, I'm a very shy commenter. Melissa made "friends" with me on Pinterest first. ;o) We do have fireflies. They are usually gone by July, but June is a great month for them. They look like little fairies. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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