Happy Birthday, Judy!

On this day in 1922 - 90 years ago! - Frances Ethel Gumm was born.  By 1935, she was better known as Judy Garland.

By the time my oldest was four years old, if you asked her to name her favorite movie star, she would beam and answer, "Judy Garland!"

We are huge fans of The Wizard of Oz.  We know the movie inside and out.  (She and I read all the original Oz books by L. Frank Baum, too, thus the "silver shoes" in my blog title.)  But the Judy love doesn't stop there.  Meet Me in St. Louis runs a very close second, and The Harvey Girls and Easter Parade have also found their way onto our television.

Of course, the kiddos don't know much about Ms. Garland's sad personal life.  They only know the young, effervescent Judy of '30s and '40s musicals.  But I thought I'd post this lovely clip I found on YouTube today from The Judy Garland Show in 1963.  Here's an older Judy singing one of my favorite songs, "Smile."

(Today would have been the 84th birthday of Maurice Sendak, but as this blog is mostly about books we love, I figure Sendak will be mentioned enough around here!)

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