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It is the last day of May.  My daughters are out of school.  I am home, having lost my part-time bookstore job at the end of last year.  (The store closed.  Closing bookstores make me sad.)  The girls and I have a wonderful time together (usually...), but these days, they are very good at entertaining themselves, and Mommy needs a project of her own.  (Besides Pinterest.  Mommy has an overwhelming itch to pin things.)

So I am a bookworm.  I love books.  They are my great material love.  It is a wonderful thing to be married to a man who shares this love.  Well, it is wonderful when we are organized - let's face it, book love can lead to horrendous clutter.  As of a few months ago, though, our collection is much more controlled.  Thank goodness - I may have lost my employee discount, but between our local independent stores, used bookstores, Scholastic order forms and book fairs, the library, the internet, birthdays, and Christmas, our supply continues to stream in!

Living room shelves, stacks of gift books and library books...  Bliss.

We are raising little bookworms.  Reading with my parents and grandparents are some of my fondest memories.  Once I became an independent reader, there was no stopping me.  My nose was always in a book.  The books I loved as a child never left me, and I sought them out even before I became a parent.

I am always looking for new books for the girls, too, and finding new activities to tie what they read into lessons and fun.  Some of my other loves are old movies and cartoons, theatre, renaissance fairs, history museums, and antique stores.   There is much joy to be found in sharing things you love with your children.  They may surprise you by enjoying these things as much as you.

 (And don't worry.  They get plenty of active outdoor time, too.)

Some of the kids' collection.  They have sling bookshelves and closet shelves not pictured.

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