December 1

We made a Christmas and Advent book tree!

Happy Advent!

Oh, how I love this time of year. December is truly my favorite month. This weekend, we decked the house for the season. I do believe in celebrating by the calendar, and Christmas isn't until the 25th, but out of habit and in order to enjoy the decorations, we still like to bring everything out as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Then we leave it up until Epiphany - January 6! 

This year, I replaced my lovely muslin Advent garland bags with Kraft paper bags. The muslin bags were looking rather filthy (they were several years old), and a couple of them were missing. I also discovered that all of our candles had melted in the shed, and our Advent wreath uses candles of a very specific size. I haven't replaced them yet. We did attend church, yesterday, so there was always the church wreath!

Much to Little Sis's chagrin, we are using the white artificial tree we bought last year again.

I love real trees, but we're still on a tight budget. Besides, in order to keep the tree up through Epiphany, it would be better to wait at least another week or two for a real tree. Little Sis has a dream about having her own house someday, where she'll only use real trees and wreaths and garland, and she will decorate them with only her late Grandma Donna's ornaments. (Remind me to tell you about all of Little Sis's Christmas/Advent specifications later. She is such a cranky old lady when it comes to decor and music!)

Although, she did buy that Wonder Woman ornament with her own birthday money, this year. (We found her at Target, but I can't find her on the website.)

She also bought a new nutcracker - the Clara nutcracker you see next to our book tree in the top photo. 

One week from Thursday, Big Sis will be a little mouse, dancing in two performances of Ballet Wichita's The Nutcracker for schools around the area, followed by the big public performance Saturday night. This has added a new element to our routine, as she has had Sunday rehearsals for weeks now. It also means we will not be going to Lindsborg for Lucia Fest, seeing as how she's performing that night. We have planned lots of ways to drink in the season, though, and we hope you will follow along as we share them with you. Most of the posts I'm prepping are book-related, of course.

The wreath was featured in my number one most popular post.

The girls have their tinsel trees in the playroom again. They finally picked up enough to earn them back this year! It was their idea to dress up the American Girl dolls for display.

And Big Sis found the perfect accessory for Mommy's Darth Vader.

Our Thanksgiving weather was lovely, and Saturday was downright crazy. It was in the low seventies! The girls saw Big Hero 6 as part of a little girl's 9th birthday party, then we headed back to her house for cake. Her grandmother had put her Christmas trees up for the kids, but the weather was so lovely, they spent the whole time in the backyard! This was a good thing, though. Yesterday, the high was only 35, with a low of 14! How's that for a temperature drop?

Little Sis had the sniffles, which I hoped was weather-related. No luck. She's home sick from school today.

I hope all of my American readers had a lovely Thanksgiving - I posted about ours here. Our two books for that holiday have been replaced with multiple sacks of Christmas books!  Let the festive reading begin!

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  1. Oh I LOVE that white tree!!! I loooooooooooooove it! I wish Andrew would be on board with another flocked tree - I loved that thing, although it had kind of an odd smell. Julia wants a pink tree. We were out of town for nearly 5 days and the INSTANT I got back, I started pulling out my Ikea star lights and I'm trying to get things out as fast as I can! SO happy it's December! I can't believe those temp fluctuations, yo. It's been really cold here, for us - the past few days it's been right at freezing.

    1. We have the fireplace going strong - that blower thing really helps, like an old iron stove. It's right by my computer desk, too, so it tempts me to stay at my chair a little longer than I should... not that it ever takes much to tempt me.

      Little Sis's tree is small and pink, with turquoise lights. Big Sis's tree is taller and turquoise. It came with matching turquoise lights, but they finally died. I cut them off the tree and used a strand of - ta da! - pink lights we had on hand. Yay for funky trees!

      And I love your Ikea star lights. They're so pretty.

  2. I love your decorations!!! So sparkly!!! :D We finally finished out half completed decor today...we had hastily put up the tree on Friday last week and quit after that for a hot chocolate break. I must say I'm glad to put away all the boxes and bins and start enjoying the beauty! :) I picked up a cute stocking at the dollar store for my baby boy and am going to iron on his name on the top. :)

    1. Our boxes sat around for only a day and a half or so, but I'm such a nut when it comes to excess clutter that they were driving me crazy! My husband cleared them out for me. We have no basement and not much of an attic, so we keep stuff out in the shed. Aww, and yay for first Christmases! Hot chocolate breaks are a great thing, too.

  3. Awesome Wonder Woman decoration! Just wondering, you mentioned a cd last year, Christmas songs with Natalie Merchant and a few more - do you know the name of it?

    1. Yes! It's The Sounding Joy by Elizabeth Mitchell & You Are My Flower, and I wrote about it here.

      It's quite peaceful and lovely. :)

  4. The white tree and the decorations are awesome! We want a white tree too, but we've decided to maybe get one next year, because right now our place is tiny and anyway we'll have to move house sometime in the following months so we're trying not to pile up more stuff. The Advent book tree is BEAUTIFUL, and your Nutcrackers too!! Yay it's December! My favorite month too!!

    1. The white tree brightens up the room in the winter. I love our robin's egg-colored walls, but they do feel darker this time of year.

      I think your tree is beautiful in your pictures! Thank you about the book tree and nutcrackers. :) Hooray for December!!!

  5. Your decorations are fabulous. Reminds me of all my Grandma's little Christmas trinkets, beautiful.

    1. Oh, thank you so much! :) I change things up from time to time, but I think this works best in my little 1950s house.


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