Thankful Thursday

Thankfulness through Instagrams, every Thursday in November.

Some of the little things I'm thankful for
this week include...

These are tiny things, of course, in the big scheme of things. What little things are you thankful for?

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    1. I like it because it doesn't feel all "lotiony." Dry skin equals crazy itchy for me, but I hate to feel lotiony.

  2. i find that the little things really can be the big things! these are delightful and lovely. I would LOVE to see that Judy Garland movie, I've been wanting to see it...since I was about 9, it seems like. Also, Easter Parade. Still haven't seen it!!!

    1. I love Meet Me in St. Louis! We had a great time tonight. It was cool to watch a movie with which we were very familiar with a bunch of strangers. The Halloween scene is still my favorite thing (Margaret O'Brien's character is way worse than my Little Sis!), and of course, it's the movie that gave us "The Trolley Song" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." I like Easter Parade, too, especially the final scene.

  3. 1. my baby boys soft cheeks 2. hot shower 3. the smell of woodsmoke :)

  4. I love Meet me in St Louis too! So you got snow after all! Fall snow + hot chocolate = love.
    Thankful for: trips visiting friends, decorating the Christmas tree with both kiddos this time (baby thought it was very serious business), holding baby when she's sleeping, bedtime reading with my eldest.

    1. Yes, we had snow stick around for a few days! (Nothing like what they got up in Buffalo, NY, thank goodness.) Then it warmed up, then dropped back down to what should be normal for November, with some cold drizzle and fog.

      I love your thankful list! So sweet. xoxo


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