My Pet Book

Bob Staake is one of our favorite modern picture book artists, and books are some of our most beloved material possessions.  So it goes without saying that we must love Bob Staake's latest picture book, My Pet Book.

My Pet Book by Bob Staake.
Random House, 2014.

A little boy in Smartytown wanted an easy pet, not a dog or a cat.

His parents suggest a pet book.  It would be easy to care for and it would never run away!

The book was, indeed, the perfect pet.  It never ate or drank, or shed or got fleas.  "It didn't even poop!"

Best of all were the stories inside the book.

But what happens when the boy's pet book does disappear?  What happens when the maid (accidentally) donates the boy's pet book to charity?

As you can see from my first photo, My Pet Book inspired some imaginative play.  The girls chose their own pet books.  Big Sis chose her beloved Wonderful Wizard of Oz, while Little Sis is sentimental toward our old board book copy of Goodnight Moon.  And while pet books don't really eat or drink, we decided that if they did eat and drink, they might eat letters and drink ink.  Why not?

Bob Staake has a wonderful style, very retro-modern.  We try to check out each of his books as they come out.  And books that celebrate books are some of our very favorites.  We enjoy books as tangible objects, as well as the stories they contain.  My Pet Book is definitely a keeper.  I'm adding it to someone's wish list right now!

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  1. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I love this! I would love a pet book! Oh speaking of books, I'm almost done with Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife.....oh you MUST. You will LAUGH and LAUGH. But inbetween all the things that will be making you laugh, the story is pretty decent.

    1. Haha! Okay, I shall check it out. Let me whittle my pile down a bit, then it's next on the list!

  2. Just realized that Julia TOTALLY had a pet book, at age 3. She carried around 'The Little Family' by Lois Lenski, for weeks and weeks. It's a tiny book. And pink. Oh how she loved that book! Have you read it? It's SO old school and non PC! The mom cleans the house and makes cakes (hey sounds like me), and sits in the back seat when the dad drives. The boy gets a ball and the daughter gets a doll. It's really hilariously awesome!

    1. Oh, cute! I love those vintage non-PC books, just for kitschiness' sake, of course.

      Have you ever seen Bob Staake's "Bad Children's Books"? So, so wrong. And Mr. B and I just laugh and laugh...

  3. What a great little book! Reminds me of the Minion's story about one of them wanting a pet and ending up with an alien pet. We don't have pets at home (living in apt) but my kids can see and play with the dogs and cats from our relatives and neighbors. My baby is fascinated by little pets but I don't think I can ever get one. She would love this book!

    1. It's a darling idea, right? It seems even more darling this morning, because last night, my Mabel kitty wouldn't get out of my face when I was trying to sleep, to the amusement of Mr. B. ;)

  4. Great book and a wonderful idea!! loved Your idea of eating letters and drinking ink !! :D great post:)


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